"Music production"

Music production is the entire process of developing, recording and publishing music in a professional sound studio. This is where instrumentation and arrangement are planned and developed, where instruments and voices are recorded (separately or at the same time), and where the complete piece of music is mixed and mastered.
Depending on the music production and purpose, the producer can be the composer and vice versa. These two activities often merge, most of all in modern genres and in electronic music.
Our team of music producers prides itself on its excellent musical knowledge and expertise and puts all its creativity and technical know-how into the creation of our music library as well as into your compositions on order. All productions are 100% Royalty-free and don't belong to any collecting society (such as GEMA, Suisa or AKM).
Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone on 0049 (0) 331-9676730.

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